mr psycho2000 - the lure of the mind from paul bellaby on Vimeo.

the lure of the mind music video by mr_psycho2000.

zombie doctor…….brains!!!!!!

segment 15 from paul bellaby on Vimeo.

extended part of the red paint + oil into water. this entire segment is great to watch and although I wanted to keep the segments below 100mb, I couldn’t with this one. not entire video is done in slow motion but when it is, it reaches about 120fps maybe 200. edited in cyberlink power director 12.

segment 18 from paul bellaby on Vimeo.

same as the black - paint + oil + water going down the plug hole in slow motion.

segment 12 from paul bellaby on Vimeo.

as with all experiments, you often find some of the best visuals through pure luck, if your fast enough to stop them or take notice. Poring the paint water and oil down the plug doesn’t seem like much but when you see it from the top and the light catches the surface you get a lovely metallic like look about it as it spins around going down the plug. The video was shot in slow motion then the speed was adjusted in cyberlink power director 12, so the entire video is not slow motion. I 3 videos of the same process, this is the 2nd, the 3rd was with red paint which I will upload.


Call: 1300-BAT-MOW Original:

new zombie artwork by mr_psycho2000. you can find this artwork on my facebook page and other sites I am on. Original image is much larger than this one.

character design - groque ferret. more on this character can be found on my facebook page.

its good for a laugh, utz utz utz utz