skyliner from paul bellaby on Vimeo.

I made a time lapse video of clouds passing over using my Panasonic hc-v750. in the time lapse function I set it on 1 sec because I wanted it to be a steady flow, I later changed the speed in cyberlink power director to add some slow motion to the scene and some colour effects as well.
music was done after and edited all together to have a nice even flow about it. The original video size of the time lapse was about 300+ meg but with changing the speed in the edited version I squeezed it down to 200+ note I only did this to fit the music and the reduce the file size for uploading on vimeo. I left the camera outside for about 2 hours.

mr_psycho2000 artist promotional video

a video show-casing my artwork. video features a lot of my recent artwork and videos and some music and if you follow the link too my youtube you will see all the sites, social media links I am attached too.

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just when you think life couldn’t get any better„, it doesn’t
surprise me, life is too predictable„ its cruel

psycho doc 022 on Flickr.