paint particles in water(mirror image effect) from paul bellaby on Vimeo.

This is paint particles in the water left over from the red paint into black dyed water. I’ve mirror imaged the video in cyberlink powerdirector 12 and slowed down the video. The video sort of reminds me of the movie the blob.

black food dye into water (burst edits) from paul bellaby on Vimeo.

Black food dye into water acts the same way ink does, it has a more satin look about it as it passes through the water but this is mostly because you don’t use a lot of it and the consistency is thinner than paint. I changed the setting on the camera for the lighting which gives the tank a blue cast too it so it would make it more interesting.

These or burst edits, shorter than the full video to reduce file size.

red paint into black food dye water (short version) from paul bellaby on Vimeo.

After I did the black food dye into water with the camera setting changed I new if I put red paint into the mix on top of it, it would create a nice bloom so I quickly mixed some red paint and threw it in and this is what came out. The colours and the way it mixed with the camera setting the way It was made a nice blend and I am pleased with this one. This is the short version because I kept shooting the after effects of the paint particles for later edits + it would be too large a file size to upload on vimeo.

paint in water turquoice vs orange from paul bellaby on Vimeo.

paint in water turquoice vs orange. I had my doubts these 2 colours would work out when putting them into water but I was so wrong, the fluidity they combined was great and in the end it made a army like green. Edited in magix video pro6.

paint in water blue vs red from paul bellaby on Vimeo.

Back again with some more paint in the water slow motion video. I have enhanced the video and used a different software for the slow motion, magix pro6 video editor. One of the main reasons I used this program is because it can slow it down by 25x without the ghost motion blur you often see + the conversion output is smaller in file size compared to cyberlink powerdirector but to better enhance the video I ended up in that software anyway but by that time I reduced the size of the video from 100+ meg to 36, SCORE. ENJOY THIS VIDEO.

Nice chill of a beat compared to my usual dark faster tracks. this one I am giving away for free.

mr psycho2000 - slow and steady from paul bellaby on Vimeo.

Brand new video, brand new music. Using some previous paint in water video I did but never uploaded fully, I have made a new sound track to match the flow of the scenes. The music track is available for download at and this video will be available for download.

Thanks for listening and viewing my work, if you have any further questions regarding my music and videos please let me know and I will give you the info you need.

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