fire puncher 003 on Flickr.

glitter paint in water 09 from paul bellaby on Vimeo.

switched off 1 light and changed settings on camcorder gives you this effect with the glitter paint in water. The glitter sparkles as it reflects what light their is. At times it looked like I was watching the night sky with stars.

glitter gold paint into water (entrance) from paul bellaby on Vimeo.

glitter gold paint into water (slow motion entrance) This is very experimental and as you can see from this video I made mistakes, namely I didn’t realise until too late I had the light reflecting in the glass of the fishtank at the side, I should of moved the light further back. The video has been enhanced and edited in cyberlink powerdirector 12. The glitter paint didn’t flow too well unlike normal paint, this is because the consistency of the paint is thicker than acrylic paint so my best guess is, it has glue in it, you might be better off buying gold paint and then buying glitter separate and mix the 2 so you can then add the water to make it flow through the water. As I kept recording to capture moments I might miss if I pored out and started again I began to capture what I was looking for and that was the glitter sparkling in the water against the light as it flows through the water but again this didn’t come out exactly how I wanted it and my best guess on that is, it would of been better shot with a DSLR so you can get a good macro close up on shots that my camcorder couldn’t + you can adjust a dslr much more than you can with the camcorder I have. I will add more videos soon as I have finished converting them for vimeo.

future soldier on Flickr.

The strain 001 with text on Flickr.

The strain with text design based on the tv show of the same name.